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Q: What Is The Definition Of Disgusting?

Welcome to 1 Stop Plumbing

About us:


We have a commitment to providing great service to all our ( residential and commercial ) clients by utilizing our teams approach. We strive to be the most respected plumbing company for all markets we serve. We value our clients.


Our Goal is to work pro-active and to start each day with enthusiasm. We will meet our clients needs and requirements by providing them with neat and professional workmanship.


Our carefully chosen plumbing technicians are all fully qualified and highly experienced. Our men take exceptional pride in their work and strive to ensure that our clients can only be impressed with the quality of their work. Each team has it’s own fully stocked and equipped vehicle to ensure promptness, reliability and service excellence

AA 1 Stop Plumbing was founded by Joel Glover with the goal to expand and build a franchise that will become a household name

We Are Registered With:

Plumbing Industry Institute Of Plumbing S.A Bakkie Fleet

“Working Pro-actively to promote better plumbing practices”