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Welcome to 1 Stop Plumbing

Leak Detection 1 Stop Leak Detection


to home owners and businesses

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1STOP Leak Detection strives to be the No.1 Leak Detection company in Gauteng, be it Domestic or Industrial. We pride ourselves in customer service, efficiency, accuracy and reliability. We employ only the best technicians on the market, for fast & effective service. No matter where the leak is, big or small, inside or outside, we will find it. Our technicians are constantly kept up to date with the latest modern & effective trends and we only use the best German Leak Detections Technology.

We send comprehensive full photo reports on our findings, as well as a quotation for the repair of the leak. Upon acceptance of the quote a qualified plumbing team will come and do the repairs.

Below are some of the Services we Offer:

- Gas leak detection

- Acoustic leak detection

- Thermal camera leak detection

- CCTV Sewer Line Pipe Inspection

- High pressure water jet

Use us for your own peace of mind!

Did You Know?

- Pipe Locater

- Moisture meter

- Leak noise loggers

“The most important aspect of our work is the process of elimination.